The Protection of Assets – Issues and Implications

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This seminar on the legal and taxation issues of Asset Protection is run by STEP jointly with the Irish Taxation Institute.

The Seminar will take place in the afternoon of Thursday the 26th November 2009 from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. in the Irish Taxation Institute, Longboat Quay, Grand Canal Harbour Dublin 2.

The cost of the seminar is €120 and it counts for 2 hours CPD.

The speakers are: Dearbhla Cunningham, BL; Aileen Keogan, Solicitor and Tax Consultant; and Monty Raphael, Peters and Peters in London

The Seminar will deal with the following issues:

  • The types of situations where assets are protected
  • How assets are protected: the use of companies, trusts and transfers to relatives
  • What assets are most suitable for protection
  • The effect of protection in each case
  • Jointly held assets
  • Charged assets
  • The charges that arise on creation of the protective structure
  • The effect of the protection on administering assets
  • Charges arising on releasing the protection
  • Personal insolvency: a threat to asset protection
  • Insolvency: Companies and individuals
  • Liquidation: the procedures; personal liability for directors; Guarantees
  • Bankruptcy: the procedures; the family home
  • Asset Protection – A UK perspective
  • Asset protection – an idea that has had its day?
  • The drive for transparency
  • Current HMRC practice?”

To book the seminar, go to the Irish Taxation Institute’s website