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Dear members and guests

We would like to invite you to attend the Joint STEP & Chartered Accountants Ireland Conference.

The conference will cover:
Cross Border Taxation for the Wealthy – Alan Gourley, Grant Thornton (NI) and Alison McHugh, Deloitte

  • >Overview of Irish and UK inheritance tax regime to include a perspective around Irish Revenue and HMRC’s High Wealth Individual’s unit and what the speakers are encountering in this area.
  • >Business Property Relief – From both an Irish and UK perspective, as well as a focus on the key differences.
  • >Case studies – six case studies to illustrate the interaction of Irish and UK estate taxes where individuals have assets across jurisdictions.

Domicile and Estate Planning for Clients with Cross Border NI/ROI Issues – Cormac Brennan, O’Connell Brennan Solicitors and Sheena Grattan, Barrister of Law, Northern Ireland

  • >Outline of the legal concept of domicile with a focus on estate planning for clients with cross border NI/ROI issues, including the application of the conflict of law rules, and addressing the following matters:
    • >Where is my client domiciled, and in what circumstances could their domicile status change or be in doubt?
    • >What are the objective indicators of domicile?
    • >What laws apply to my client’s assets on their death – where should they make their Will(s)?
    • >Why is domicile important for an estate planning analysis – what turns on a client’s domicile?
    • >What are the common pitfalls around domicile in a NI/ROI estate planning context?
    • >What planning is specific to a NI/ROI case?

Some typical worked examples of common NI/ROI estate planning.

Details Date & time Thursday 13 May at 9.30am – 12.30pm
Cost* EUR112.50/GBP90
 CPD 3 hours    

* If you are eligible for the discount as a STEP member, use the Promo code: STEP 21