New Probate and Trust Essentials – Legislation and Practice Update 2010 – 30 September 2010

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STEP in partnership with Law Society Professional Training will hold an essential training seminar to examine new legislative developments in core areas of probate and trust practice.  

A distinguished panel will address all questions and answers arising during the seminar. Probate, Conveyancing and Trust practitioners will find attendance at this seminar essential to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to address new legislation and the consequential practice changes which will impact on professional legal advice.

Date:   Thursday 30th September 2010
:   2.00pm – 5.45pm
: Law Society, Blackhall Place
:     €196
Discounted Fee*:

Speakers: Mrs Justice Mary Laffoy, Patricia Rickard-Clarke, Mary Condell and Paula Fallon.

Some of the topics covered:

Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009

  • New Drafting Essentials
  • Wills
  • Assents
  • Trusts
  • Variations of trusts

Dealing with the rule against perpetuities when drafting will trusts

  • New Trustees Roles, Duties and Powers, Should these be restricted?

Civil Partnership Bill 2009

Implications for Probate Practice and Law

  • How to protect an estate
  • Client care implications
  • Risk Management issues for solicitors in taking client attendances

Rights of Children and Spouses

  • Section 117, sub-section 3 of the Succession Act
  • Rights of married spouses and children as compared to civil partners and their children 

Mental Capacity Bill 2008

  • Capacity models
  • Existing Structures
  • Scheme of Mental Capacity Bill
  • Advance Care Directives

Trustee Bill 2010

  • Legislative Background
  • The Office of Trustee
  • Duties and liabilities of trustees
  • Powers of trustees to delegate functions
  • General powers of trustees
  • Powers of the court 

Nursing Home Support Scheme Act 2009

Practice Implications

  • Will drafting and estate planning
  • Personal representatives in the administration of estates
  • Wills and probate instruction/checklist/questionnaire under the new regime
  • Inland revenue affidavit