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STEP Ireland Branch Newsletter October 2019STEP Ireland Branchpdf1.10.2019
STEP Ireland Branch NewsletterSTEP Ireland Branchpdf1.04.2019
STEP Ireland Branch NewsletterSTEP Ireland Branchpdf01.10.2018
STEP Ireland Branch NewsletterSTEP Ireland Branchpdf01.04.2018
US Tax Attorney Alan Cranwell - 14 February 2018 - Part 1Alan CranwellYouTube Video14.02.2018
US Tax Attorney Alan Cranwell - 14 February 2018 - Part 2Alan CranwellYouTube Video14.02.2018
US Tax Attorney Alan Cranwell - 14 February 2018 - Q&AAlan CranwellYouTube Video14.02.2018
Tom Clinch on Section 72&73 Policies - 24 October 2017 Tom ClinchYouTube Video24.10.2017
Muriel Walls on the Children & Family Relationships Act 2015 - 27 July 2017 - Part 1Muriel WallsYouTube Video27.07.2017
Muriel Walls on the Children & Family Relationships Act 2015 - 27 July 2017 - Part 2Muriel WallsYouTube Video27.07/2017
STEP Annual conference 19 May 2017: Reputation in the Digital AgeSchillingsYouTube Video19.05.2017
STEP Annual conference 19 May 2017: Navigating the Anglo - Irish Mindfield. UK- Irish tax and estate planning after BrexitPatrick Harney, Head of Private Client at ForstersYouTube video19.05.2017
STEP Annual conference 19 May 2017: Update from CEO Aware and Update on Probate PracticeDominic Layden and Teresa Pilkington SCYouTube video19.05.2017
STEP Annual conference 19 May 2017: World Gone Mad: Current economic and investment considerationsJoe McLoughlin and Frank Brennan, Smith and WilliamsonYouTube video19.05.2017
STEP Annual conference 19 May 2017: Business Structures and Succession for private/family businessSasha Kerins, Grant Thornton YouTube video19.05.2017
Charity Regulation - a practical guideEamon O'HalloranYouTube video05.04.2017
Southern Law Association,
video 1: Probate Practice "a guide to common queries"
Carol JermynYouTube Video31.03.2017
Southern Law Association,
video 2: How to challenge a Will
Grainne Duggan BL YouTube Video31.03.2017
Update on Family LawJustin SpainYouTube video01.02.2017
Digital and Cyber attacksBrian Honan and Owen BurkeYouTube video01.11.2016
Update from the CEO of the Charities Regulatory Authority (1)CEO of the Charities Regulatory Authoritywebsite01.08.2016
STEP seminar on how to challenge a will (1)Grainne Duggan BLpdf29.06.2016
STEP S117 LRC SubmissionSTEP submission on S117word29.06.2016
Reliefs and Revenue - Brian Broderick (1) (1)Brian Broderickpdf06.04.2016
Tax Appeals paper (no part of this paper can be republished without prior written consent of Dearbhla Cunningham BL)Dearbhla Cunningham BLpdf04.02.2016
Personal Insolvency Act 2012Patricia T Rickard-Clarkepdf30.10.2013
UK Pre-Budget Report 2007 - Impact on UK-Irish Cross Border Planning Patrick Harneypdf30.01.2008
Wills Trusts and the Voice of the ChildJohn O\'Connorpdf30.09.2008
STEP Conference 2010 Slides Legal Issues Concerning Debts in EstatesJohn Gillpdf28.05.2010
STEP Conference 2010 Banking Perspective Debts in EstatesHarry McIntyrepdf28.05.2010
STEP Conference 2010 Legal Issues Debts in EstatesJohn Gillpdf28.05.2010
STEP Conference 2010 The ABC of CATFinola O\'Hanlonpdf28.05.10
STEP 2010 Conference Slides Taxation Issues Debt EstatesLorna Gallagher BLpdf28.05.10
STEP 2010 Conference Slides Banking Perspective Debt in EstatesHarry McIntyrepdf28.05.10
STEP Pensions UpdateAidan McLoughlinpdf28.03.12
Finance Bill 2012, Ann Williams, 28 February 2012Ann Williamspdf28.02.12
Powerpoint mediation - best practice for solicitors 27.11.2013Mary CondellPowerpoint27.11.13
Review of Mandatory Disclosure Rules, Carol Hogan, 27 July 2011Carol Hoganpdf27.07.11
Independent Financial Planning, Barry MacDonaldBarry MacDonaldpdf27.06.12
STEP Conference 2011 The Role of Agreements in Today\'s RelationshipsAudrey Byrnepdf27.05.2011
STEP Conference 2011 Slides Dealing with Difficult and Vulnerable ClientsJulie McAuliffepdf27.05.11
STEP Conference 2011 Trusts and Estate Litigation UpdateCatherine Duggan BLpdf27.05.11
STEP Conference 2011 Cross Border Estate Issues - The European DimensionMadeleina Loughrey Grantpdf27.05.11
STEP Conference 2011 Section 9 of Civil Liability Act 1961Robert Haughton SCpdf27.05.11
STEP Conference 2011 Slides The Role of Agreements in Today\'s RelationshipsAudrey Byrnepdf27.05.11
STEP Conference 2011 Pensions PresentationAidan McLoughlinpdf27.05.11
STEP Conference 2011 Slides Cross Border Estate Issues -The European DimensionMadeleina Loughrey Grantpdf27.05.11
Slides Transmissions on Death- Trustees - Prescriptive EasementsJohn Murphy, PRAIpdf27.02.2013
Land Registry Form 68 Registration of Easement Acquired by PrescriptionJohn Murphy PRAIWord27.02.2013
Transmissions on Death - Trustees - Prescriptive EasementsJohn Murphy PRAIpdf27.02.2013
Transmissions Flow ChartJohn Murphy PRAIpdf27.02.2012
Finance Bill 2014 Capital Taxes Provisions SeminarAnn WilliamsPowerpoint26.11.2014
Asset ProtectionPractical-Income-Tax-and-CGT-Issues-in-the-Administration-of-Estates-Aileen-Keogan-18-October-20112Aileen Keoganpdf26.11.2009
Update on Bankruptcy Issues Dearbhla Cunningham BLpdf26.11.2009
Preparation of Estate AccountsMaureen Carolanpdf26.02.2003
Administration of Estates - Professional FeesDeclan O\'Neillpdf26.02.2003
EPAs - The New GuidelinesMargaret Walshpdf24.03.2009
EPAs Post Registration
Anne Stephensonpdf24.03.2009
Revenue PowersJulie Burkepdf23.06.2010
Submission to DoH re Advance Health Directive Bill(8040002_1) (1) (1)STEP submission on the public consultation on Advance Healthcare Directivespdf23.03.2014
Presentation on Irish Family Businesses and Succession PlanningJJ O\'Connellpdf21.04.2010
STEP Charity Consultation Submission 2013STEPpdf20.03.2013
Practical-Income-Tax-and-CGT-Issues-in-the-Administration-of-Estates-Aileen-Keogan-18-October-20112Aileen Keoganpdf18.10.2011
Audit Issues in the Administration of Estates, Julie Burke, 18 October 2011Julie Burke ppt18.10.2011
Practical Aspects of Enduring Powers of AttorneyAnne Stephensonpdf16.09.2008
Wills Providing for Young Children Aileen Keoganpdf16.05.2008
PhilanthropyNora Lillispdf16.05.2008
Administration of Estates - Practical Problems and Post Death PlanningPaula Fallonpdf16.05.2003
Law and the Elderly - A Case for ReformPatricia Rickard Clarkepdf16.05.2003
Share Valuations in a Taxation Context for Family CompaniesEddie O\'Donovanpdf16.05.2003
Probate and Trusts Costs, Declan O\'Neill, 13 April 2011Declan O\'Neillpdf13.04.2011
Taxation on Costs, John O\'Connor, 13 April 2011John O\'Connorpdf13.04.2011
Pensions: Attain Retain and Transfer of WealthAidan McLoughllinpdf11.05.2006
Law Soc STEP Ireland joint submission re 4th AML DirectiveJoint Law Society and STEPpdf09.02.2014
Joint STEP and SFE seminar on recent EPA JudgmentsTeresa Pilkingtonwebsite06.07.2015
Endorsement of Claim for Equity Civil BillJohn O\'Connorpdf01.05.2012
Missing Beneficiaries - Ex Parte ApplicationJohn O\'Connorpdf01.05.2012
How a Genealogist can assist a LawyerEileen M Ó Dúillpdf01.05.2012
Missing Beneficiaries - Equity Civil BillJohn O\'Connorpdf01.05.2012
Locating missing beneficiaries in Estate AdministrationJohn O\'Connorpdf01.05.2012
Locating missing beneficiaries in Estate Administration - 2012John O\'Connorppt01.05.2012
Locating missing beneficiaries in Estate AdministrationJohn O\'Connorpdf01.05.2012
Missing Beneficiaries - Grounding AffidavitJohn O\'Connorpdf01.05.2012
Finance-Act-2011-Ann-Williams-March-2011Ann Williamspdf01.03.2011
Non-Contentious Probate ApplicationsRita Considinepdf01.02.2012
Administration of Estates - Taxation Issues Michael O\'Connorpdf00.02.2003
Stamp Duty Legislation in 2007Finola O\'Hanlonpdf00.00.2007
CAT Valuation Date Finola O\'Hanlon, pdf00.00.2007
Drafting Wills - The Back to Front MethodBrian Spierin S.C pdf00.00.2007
Administration of Estates - Legal IssuesSusan O\'Connellpdf00.00.2004
French Inheritance and Tax Planning Martin Scanallpdf00.00.2003