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The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) is a unique professional body providing members with a local, national and international learning and business network.

– STEP provides education, training, representation and networking for its members,who are professionals specialising in trusts and estates, executorship, administration and related taxes. Members advise clients on the broad business of the management of personal finance.

Full members of STEP are the most experienced and senior practitioners in the field of trusts and estates.

– STEP is a company limited by guarantee registered in the UK and has branches in many countries with a total membership of over 17,500.

STEP Ireland was formed in October 1998 and is the Irish Branch of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Membership of STEP Ireland is comprised of some of the most experienced and senior Trust and Estate practitioners in Ireland who come from a variety of professional backgrounds. We include members from the legal, accountancy, tax, banking, pension and insurance professions. For details on the types of membership and the routes to membership click here. Any full member is authorised to use the designation TEP and be described as a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner.

Throughout the year various events are organised primarily for members but attendance for non-members can be arranged in advance.

Looking for a trust and estate practitioner?

For complex matters, peace of mind can only be guaranteed by using properly qualified professionals. STEP members are experts from the legal, accounting and banking professions who can support you through every trust or estates issue – matters often not dealt with by the generalist adviser.

STEP Objectives

STEP was founded with the aim of bringing together all the practitioners in the field and cutting across old established professional boundaries.

STEP Ireland’s objectives are:

– to raise the profile of Trust and Estate work as a profession in its own right.
– to lobby for changes in the Law.
– to bring changes in the Law to practitioners’ attention.
– to be a resource and assist practitioners when difficulties arise.
– to provide a Forum for discussion about developments in Trust and Estate matters.
– to organise and hold conferences, meetings etc. regarding Trust and Estate matters.
– to discuss aspects of tax, accounting, administration, statute and case law applicable or related to Trusts and Estates whether domestic or  international.


From a Vision to Global Reality

I had spent the whole of my working life with one of the big five UK accountancy firms from 3rd Office Boy (that’s as low as you get) to Senior Trust Manager, having transferred to the Trust Department in about 1960.

In those days trust work was the preferred activity of ageing audit clerks who, approaching retirement and not wishing to wander round a cold and wet Liverpool ticking the books of audit clients, appreciated the warmth of a permanent desk in the Trust Department.

George Tasker
Step Founder and President